Ouvrour de x Potentielle (Workshop for Potential x)

During the years after the formation of the Oulipo, other
forums were created to explore similar concerns in fields
other than literature. Francois Le Linnois invented the
acronym Ou-
x-po to designate the generality of
existing and possible groups, where
x = the field in question.

Timeline of Ou-X-Po

The timeline above describes the growth of other oulipo fields–if the goal of oulipo is to produce an process that will support itself and evolve, then this grouping of ideas certainly shows that ocurring.

OUMYPO / (Ouvroir de MySpace Potentielle)

Through constraint and other formal methods, Oumypo seeks to uncover new MySpace structures, patterns and behaviors, which may then be used by MySpacers in any way they please. For example, we have contructed the “F+7” method: Replace every friend in your “Top Friends” list with the friend seven entries after that person in your “My Friends” list. Also, try the “Pimp My MySpace HTML Lipogram” whereby you cannot use any HTML codes containing the letters h, t, m, or l when constructing your page.

INFOLIPO / Informatique et Littérature Potentielle

The workshop for potential computer science.

OUJEVIPO / Ouvroir de Jeu Video Potentielle

The workshop for potential video games. Seriously. Well, the link above isn’t to a game that specifically intends to enact oulipo, but it still manages to do so. “Ad Verbum” is a text-based game where each room of the mansion that is to be destroyed is a puzzle regarding constrained writing–for instance, a room where you have to navigate by only using words starting with the letter “n”.

This is not the only example of video games based on oulipo, as MOOlipo, a similar text-based game (though unfortunately now defunct) uses rooms as places for people to experience oulipean constraints on their own writing–including everything from an N+7 room to a lipogram room, where computer programs try to have the room replicate the constraints for those inside them.

OUARCHPO / Ouvroir d’Architecture Potentielle

Workshop for Potential Architecture.

OUBAPO / Ouvroir d’ Bandes Dessinées Potentielle

Workshop for potential comic books, of course one of my favorites, includes the Matt Madden book 99 Ways to Tell A Story as well as a number of other creators and thinkers playing with the comics form. His blog also has other attempts to play with poetry in the comics form, but his 99 Ways remains perhaps his strongest work to date–there are even creators attempting to extend his 99 stories further, adding additional pages based on comic book knowledge or other creative endeavors. You can see a link to one of the additional pages to the book here.


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