An Opening

If [Oulipo] bears any resemblance to a factory,
it is because many factors inspire its many tasks.
-Oulipo Compendium

Perhaps obvious from the title, this section is meant to give you a place to investigate what oulipo might be about. The links that follow include attempts to explain, explore, and examine oulipo and the concept of constrained literature–and how that concept can apply in many different ways. Hopefully this provides a useful starting place to examine the rest of the material here, and much of this (like the entire site, we hope) will lead you into other interesting places discussing equally awesome stuff.

A Documentary Saga of the Oulipo, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Ron Silliman on the differences between Newlipo, Uncreative Writing and Flarf

A Roundup of Constrained Writing On the Web by Susana Stephane

In Quest of The Oulipo by Harry Matthews

Translation and the Oulipo: The Case of the Persevering Maltese by Harry Matthews

List of Oulipians


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